About Me

Actor | Filmmaker | Storyteller 
Chris Violette is a Canadian born TV and Film Actor. From a young age, Chris was always entertaining audiences and loved making people laugh. Growing up his focused on school and sports.  After graduating in Business Marketing, Chris decided to explore his passion for the arts and focus on becoming an entertainer. He started with modeling, and one thing led to another.  “I remember being at a modeling shoot and was just in a great mood.  I was telling joke after joke and everyone was laughing.  The photographer walked up and said, You’re hilarious… but I cant snap photos of you if your mouth is always moving, you need to be in TV and Film. The next day, I went and auditioned for an agent.”  Chris started attending acting classes, and before he knew it he was an actor. Known for joining the cast of Power Rangers as Blue Ranger Sky, Chris has appeared on numerous television shows such as "Flashpoint", "Lost Girl", "Saving Hope", "Bitten" and "Degrassi: The Next Generation". Chris has recently expanded his passion for film and its industry by continuing with editing, directing, writing and producing.  In 2013, Chris started his own production company, CSV Entertainment INC.  
 As an experienced filmmaker, I continue to utilize skills I’ve obtained in each and every job. My strong ambition to succeed, and willingness to listen and learn has been an asset to my success and developing strong relationships with clients. Working with various media publications and groups both behind and in front of the camera, has given me the chance to work with an abundant group of actors and crew members to motivated and achieve success. Over the last ten years, I’ve been able to explored different platforms of media that I’ve had the immense pleasure to star and co-star in numerous film, tv and theatre productions. This level of success has allowed me to engage with a large audience in the entertainment industry. My dedication to the creative arts and storytelling allows me to continue to work towards sharpening my skills to the best of their ability and continue to move forward in a market in high demand for new innovative ideas with video production and eye catching photography.


 ~ C.S.

CSV Entertainment Inc. specializes in creative marketing through video and still photography. CEO and Creative Director Chris Violette has been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. He graduated in marketing and since has been combining his passion for the arts and marketing with branding and developing Creative, Strategic, Visuals.